Colby’s 1881 Atlas of Hancock County, Maine


In 1881 cartographer/surveyor George N. Colby, assisted by J.H. Stuart and others, published the first atlas of Hancock County towns, villages, plantations and timber lots, binding together 87 individually engraved maps into one convenient volume.

Through the collaborative efforts of the Trescott, Maine Historical Society and Moon River Press a new edition, carefully reprinted from the original, has just been released and is available for sale as a fund raiser at many local Hancock County libraries and historical societies, or directly from the publisher.


This atlas, an exact copy of the 1881 edition, is reproduced in an easy-to-handle 11” x 13 ˝" format, digitally imaged on heavy, acid-free archival-quality paper. The maps identify every property owner by name, and show the precise locations of homesteads, businesses, roads, schools, churches, mills and cemeteries in those plantations, towns and villages that were inhabited by 1880. The names on each of the maps, no matter how small they appeared in the original, are reproduced in this edition with state-of-the-art clarity.


Added to the new atlas, by utilizing pages that were left blank in the original, is the complete 1790 Federal Census for Hancock County (first U.S. Census).

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